Arthritis and Our Aging Dogs

Remedies and Supplements to help in the Senior Years

Traumeel, Pain

Dog Gone Pain

Yunnan Baiyao Chinese Herb

Chinese Clotting agent

The nickname of “miracle drug” certainly is not unjustified, as this is used in various forms to treat numerous conditions. Contrary to conventional pain medications, Yunnan Baiyao does not work by numbing the pain receptors in the brain. Rather, it facilitates blood circulation, thereby sending oxygen to the injured area.

Other usages include the treatment of swelling and inflammation 

Caneva ( Canada )

CanEVA™ for Pets | Caneva - Natural Elk Velvet Antler

Prevention Plus (TM)

Gabapentin and Zolpide


Natural Supplement for Pain

Omega-3 Pet

Fish Oil

Cold Laser



Glycoflex 3, Dasuquin, and Phycox

Re-Gen Max ( Canada )

*Not all Supplements work the same for all pets:

Reduce Inflammation, Improve Detoxification and Promote Repair