The Bergamasco Sheepdog Club of America (BSCA) was formed in 1996. It is the only Bergamasco club officially recognized by the American Kennel Club(AKC) and is the official AKC National Breed club.  It’s main goal is the protection and management of the breeding of Bergamascos sheepdogs (through high quality blood lines). The Breeders listed below are the Bergamasco breeders that BSCA recognizes and approves in accordance with the longevity of their breeding program, the breed standard and the breeder's code of ethics.

All of the board members listed on this page meet the guidelines set forth by BSCA and are supported by the club in their proficiency of breeding and in depth knowledge of the Bergamasco breed, its characteristics, origins and temperament. They have all signed our breeder’s code of ethics and are active and participate in the club (See Code of Ethics).

The breeding guidelines set by BSCA are set to protect the purchaser in getting a true Bergamasco of quality, as well as protect our dogs in breeding them in a humane way offering an optimum emotional, and physical environment.

Some BSCA breeders are mentoring other breeders who may have puppies from time to time.


Breeders Approved by the Bergamasco Sheepdog Club of America  

Silver Pastori Bergamascos 
11 Vermeer Court, Langhorne Pa. 19053


Alp Angel Bergamascos
Durham, CT

Herdabout Bergamascos
Hamden, CT


Acadia Pastori Bergamascos
Mariaville, ME 04605
(207) 537-3944

The BSCA is interested in the integrity of the breeders listed in its directory and welcomes comments and feedback (whether positive or negative) from anyone who contacts the breeders listed. For any complaint against a breeder listed in the BSCA Breeders Directory, please provide specific informations which describe why the Breeder is alleged to be deficient in his or her responsibilities with regard to the Code of Ethics. Complaints must be written and signed by a person who has had direct interaction with the listed member. Complaints should be sent to