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The following breeders are members of the Bergamasco Sheepdog Club of America. Please contact individual breeders for up-to-date litter information and specific details about their dogs. Due to the rarity of Bergamascos, most breeders keep wait list. Our breeder members work in coordination with each other and share expected litter information as well as potential family information. Our goal is to place our puppies in the best possible match to a forever family home.

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Silver Pastori Bergamascos,

Home of the Rebel Coat with the Heart of Gold. Est , 1995

11 Vermeer Court, Langhorne PA 19053 (USA)
Tel: (215) 741-1172; Email: silverpastori@mac.com

Breeder of Merit Award 2016

For Me, breeding is not about change or improvement, it is about Maintaining what was. Every puppy that leaves my home, takes within them a little piece of history.

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Herdabout Bergamasco Sheepdogs

Hamded, CT & Vienna, OH (USA)
Tel: (330) 646-7898; Email: herdabout.bergs@gmail.com

Breeder of Merit 2000


Acadia Pastori Bergamascos

Mariaville, ME (USA)
Tel: (207) 537-3944; Email: roblaffin24@gmail.com

More Information Coming Soon

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Shabby Chic Bergamascos, LLC

20 Knollcrest Rd, Easton CT 06612
Tel: (203) 220 9145; Email: shabbychicbergamasco@gmail.com

Our family is dedicated to upholding and maintaining the unique and amazing characteristics of the Bergamasco.  Our puppies are raised in hopes of fostering the best lifelong relationships with their forever families.


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