Bergamasco Blog - The Living Bergamasco Magazine!

The BSCA is very excited to introduce The Bergamasco Blog. The living Bergamasco Magazine, an online informational journal. This platform is for members/writers or even a group of writers to share more detailed information on a particular topic. If you are looking for help, advice or just a place to share your experiences and knowledge, this is the place! Every topic will be open for discussion. The only rule is to be respectful and helpful! Cliquish behavior or pile on posting is not productive to honest discussions expressing various view points. Please express your view point and respect that another's point may differ from yours. Feel free to change your mind, feel free to agree with another, just respect one another.

Those with an interest in submitting an “article” / Blog please contact the club secretary. All topics are welcome. For example: club news, events, caring for the coat tips, tips on showing, favorite recipe, health breeding, herding dog, diet, etc.